The Basic Beanie Knitting Pattern

This is the perfect basic slouchy beanie for the fall time, it’s one of those super versatile beanies that can compliment almost any outfit. It is super simple yet the stitching looks so intricate. This beanie is made using the fisherman’s rib in the round. There are NO decreases, which makes this pattern very beginner friendly! I used Lion Brand Landscapes for this pattern, which is a medium weight single ply yarn. While you don’t have to use this exact yarn, I highly recommend using a single ply yarn. It just makes the detail of this stitch look absolutely amazing.


16 inch US Size 13/ 9mm circular needles

16 inch US Size 15/ 10mm circular needles

Tapestry needle



One skein of any medium (4) weight yarn (preferably single ply)

I used Lion Brand Landscapes (with enough yarn leftover to make a pom)



14sts/ 12 rows per 4 inches using smaller needles


Stitch Abbreviations

K- knit

P- purl

K1B- knit one below


P1B- purl one below


Let’s Begin

Using smaller needles

Cast on 50, join in the round, be careful not to twist stitches, place marker to indicate beginning of round or leave tail

*K1, P1* for two rows

Row 1: *K1B, P1* repeat

Row 2: *K1, P1B* repeat

Continue these two rows for approximately 2 inches.

Switch to larger needles

Continue row 1 and 2 until piece measures approx. 8 inches from beginning (this part is really up to you, depending on how slouchy you want, I find 8 inches gives a good slouch)

Switch back to smaller needles

Continue row 1 and 2 for two more inches

Total length- approx. 10 inches

Cut tail and slip through remaining stitches, weave in ends and secure OR

If you’re like me and absolutely hate the look of this:

Then keep on reading because I will show you how to fix it!

Step 1: Weave end through as shown

Step 2: Insert needle into body and weave it back up through the second stitch down (avoid area where you just weaved in a circle)

Step 3: Insert needle directly across, into the second stitch down

Step 4: Pull tight and secure! So much better

Optional: Add your favorite pom pom!

I love seeing your finished projects! Tag me on Instagram @knitcoast so I can take a look!
**This pattern is personal property of Knitcoast. Please do not sell, alter, giveaway, or claim this pattern/photos as your own. You may sell any finished items but please give credit to me 🙂

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